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Update on Direct Primary Care from my potential new provider

Hi (micah6vs8),

Firstly, I appreciate your candor. And I always reciprocate the same for my patients. I tell everyone - I’m a doctor first, businessman second. After having climbed the corporate ladder to the top, I decided to quit to do what I believe in doing. So DPC is something I believe in very strongly—a path I believe I’m meant to follow.

And I also don’t judge my patients. We all have a right to make a choice - as a patient in terms of where you get care and as a doctor in terms of how I wish to practice. So I always appreciate candor and honesty. That’s what solid relationships are built on.

As for COVID vaccine - I leave it up to my patients as I do all vaccines. I do not require them. I personally have had COVID first hand along with my whole family so I’ve seen it. I strongly recommend it to avoid the risk but also acknowledge that as a vaccine under EUA, it leaves questions, many of which I also had in the beginning. It’s all risk benefit and we each have to believe that the benefit outweighs the risks to proceed with something.

As for masks, I do generally follow CDC guidance and they are required in my office during patient care times. There is data that shows it could help. So I have decided to follow the premise that the risk of wearing a mask in the office is low (especially in medicine we do it a lot) and there could be some benefit so until data shows more clearly what the path should be, I do require it. Do I find it annoying? Absolutely. I will say anecdotally, it’s been interesting to see the surge of URIs and other bugs that we didn’t see much at all suddenly go up after the mask mandate went down. Whether that is just socializing or actual masks is to be determined. So long story short, as of now, masks are required in my office.

As for treating COVID, a lot of unknowns. Ivermectin is used experimentally in many cases and in some countries such as in India they are using it more mainstream. Obviously most of COVID is symptomatic treatment and guidance varies in each country. At this point I’m not sure the data is convincing enough for me to prescribe Ivermectin for COVID. So long story short, should that situation arise, I would likely consult with individuals to decide what path is best. So this is to be honest that I can’t promise willingness to prescribe certain things without enough supporting data. I’ve been asked about my stance on similar things such as metformin or rapamycin for longevity and generally my answer has been that it’s not a use case I’m as familiar with so unless data shows strongly that it should be done, I am very intentional and cautious about prescribing.

As far as some genetic questions I do offer Proactive Genetic Testing through Invitae as well as Pharmacogenetic testing so I’m all about personalized health care. That being said a lot of companies have products with claims that aren’t necessarily validated where they talk about measuring the biological clock etc which I’m always wary of as well.

I hope this answered questions. I look forward to chatting on Monday. At the end of the day, I believe a doctor patient relationship is all about fit. If it’s a good fit mutually, we move forward. If it’s not, then that’s okay too. I’m in a point in my career that I don’t convince anyone to join my practice. It’s out there… and we are a good team, then that’s cool.

Let me know if you have further questions or if any of this didn’t make sense?

Dr. ____

>>> This is more communication, in a detailed, timely, and clear manner then I have had with my Primary Care doctor over many years. I will share what happens on Monday with this forum and in my own forum.

>>>> If you have been following my saga this week, my old corporate primary care provider never responded to the email I sent her on Monday. Her secretary instead just emailed me with an appointment for Friday that I did not ask for and can not go to. I like her, but the system she works in is f'ed.

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We are alive and well in Kodiak, AK!

It’s taken us a bit to catch our breath from the effort it took to move ourselves from CT to AK! We have been here 3 months already and are settling nicely into an amazing next part of our lives!

September 07, 2021
Long Sands Beach York, ME

Tuesday 9/7/21 3pm

Beautiful day in CT!

I hope y’all are having a great day!

December 01, 2022
December 1st. Eve of Our First Year Anniversary

"And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town."
~ Matthew 10:14

"And if any place will not receive you and they will not listen to you, when you leave, shake off the dust that is on your feet as a testimony against them.”
~ Mark 6:11

"And wherever they do not receive you, when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against them.”
~ Luke 9:5

November 15, 2022
A Bear Over There

I had an opportunity to go for my usual neighborhood walk this morning. It hasn't been possible recently as early November brought the first snow (a few inches), sideways rain, wind (sustained 50+mph for a week) and ice. We have had a warm spell the last few days (mid 40s) so most of the ice is gone. (As an aside Deadman's Curve en route to the town of Kodiak has a whole new meaning when the roads are icy.) Anyways, so my walk this morning. Dressed in two layers, with my walking umbrella (more on that later) and my crampons (or ice cleats as they are called here) I was off. When I tried to walk up the ridge a few days ago I kept sliding down the road, but today traction was good. I walked past a neighbor on my way and his dog. We chatted briefly about the weather and I petted his dog. (Good doggo.) The trail was not too flooded or ice choked and I carefully picked my way along until I gained a little elevation and then it was fine. I watched the many bald and golden eagles as they hunted or ...

post photo preview
October 10, 2022
First Snow, ect.

pic 1 - First snow of the season around Center Mountain. Taken at the fairgrounds.

pic 2 - Getting gravel for the upcoming ice under a landslide of Old Womans Mountain.

pic 3 - Cope Mountain late fall. Taken on a walk in our neighborhood.

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