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August 10, 2021
Peter de Wint ‘A Cornfield’ (1815)

The current painting on our Locals landing page is Peter de Wint's ‘A Cornfield’ (1815). Painted as the Napoleonic Wars were ending , as was the premium that the British government placed on domestic agriculture due to Napoleon's attempted 'Continental System/Blockade' which had severely limited trade. The harvest scene in the painting reassuringly stood for social harmony and security that was soon to end. The infamous "Corn Laws" were to follow (also 1815) which gutted small and medium farmers because of their protectionist nature and intent on keeping the large land owning class content with a monopoly on wheat, oat, and corn pricing.

This idyllic pastoral scene that de Wint painted would soon be replaced by mass unrest. Food prices increased, unemployment grew and rioting soon followed. The Corn Laws were not repelled until 1846.

The painting is currently displayed at the Victoria and Albert museum in London.

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We are alive and well in Kodiak, AK!

It’s taken us a bit to catch our breath from the effort it took to move ourselves from CT to AK! We have been here 3 months already and are settling nicely into an amazing next part of our lives!

September 07, 2021
Long Sands Beach York, ME

Tuesday 9/7/21 3pm

Beautiful day in CT!

I hope y’all are having a great day!

January 17, 2023
All Good Things Goodbye

I will soon be deleting this site. It is time for other adventures in life. I would like to thank all who came by and said hello. I wish you all the very best.

pic - Mill Bay Beach Aurora 1-15-23

post photo preview
December 10, 2022
December 09, 2022
My brother lost a best friend a few days ago

The video is professional quality work.

What a heartbreak and tragedy that Matt died so young.

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