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August 17, 2021
Update from hernia surgery yesterday.

I had a successful surgery. I am recovering well. Doing everything I can to prevent infection. Receiving really great home care from my wife and children.

I can't believe how much pain meds were given to me in the course of my treatment. At the ER (A week-ish ago) they straight up gave me morphine. I had to ask what med they were booting me up with. Notifying patients of what they are putting in ones body? Anybody?

Yesterday I was given fentanyl (obviously for surgery), oxy post op, and 16 Percocet. I needed some pain meds yesterday and will take some today, but I am probably going to return the remainder back to the pharmacy. I can't but think of my cousin Karen (she is one balliest, toughest women I know and most def not a "Karen" ). Last fall she had an unfortunate accident moving a mirror from her garage. The bottom of the frame fell out and in effect she guillotined her feet. They saved her feet, but she has permanent severe damage and will need a walking appliance to move which is very painful for her. Her pain management has been atrocious from day one. The first week plus she was given Tylenol 3 and it has not been much better since. She has no contra indicators in her life (addiction, allergic response) and has had to switch docs and hospitals for her continuing long recovery. It is slightly better, but a constant battle. My friend Joe also had a similar experience. Last fall he fell off a ladder from some height while cleaning his gutters and sustained substantial leg injuries. His prognosis is much better then my cousin, but he has had to fight for every single pain med to alleviate his constant discomfort. He told me sometimes it is so bad he can't even form thoughts. Something is not right with is picture. Why was I given so much and these two people (I realize this is an anecdote) were cared for so poorly?

The mask nazis only made an appearance twice among the 15 or so medical professionals who assisted me yesterday. I told the receptionist that I was having issues breathing and she said to take it off (there were only two other patients from 9am-1pm during my stay at the outpatient surgical center). And I was maskless for most of the duration. The first makers was the anesthesiologist. As she was literally getting prepared to render me unconscious she prompted me to put my mask on (all other 5 people in the surgical op were heavily and properly masked- as they ought to have been). I said no. I would be soon "masked" when she put me under- which she then did in the next few seconds. The second was the post op nurse who I had little contact prior, as she wheeled me out to the van (a tiny bit through post op to the exit and then the rest of the transport was outside, about 80 feet). She immediate told me to mask up and I did in the most half assed way- barely covering my chin. As she was transporting me we had a back and forth four five times of her reaching onto my person and pulling up the mask and then me pulling it back down. I did not communicate with her to stop. I wanted to see how far she would go. It was like a Three Stooges sketch as we silently went back and forth. At the van I took the mask off my of my ear (were I had moved it to) and it fell on the ground. The nurse picked it up and handed it to my wife. My wife said we did not need it and the nurse replied "Why?" My wife thanked her for the transport and we left her with a stunned expression on her face. Nothin' like protocol over patients needs. The surgeon, the other anesthesiologist (not sure why I had two, but all good), and the rest of the nursing staff said nothing about my masking- even in close consult.

Speaking of protocol, while I was waiting in preop I had a good ten minutes to look at a distant computer. The screen saver messages were revealing. One was "If you see something, say something!!" referring to masking. (It reminded me of war propaganda.) Another was the mandatory covid vaccine compliance date for all hospital staff (October 1st). Another was a message regarding HIPPA and another the ADA. I could not make out the text, as I was too far away. One was a general message regarding employment opportunities at the hospital and the last was a "Daisy" promotion which was a prize awarded to nurses. Then the messages repeated.

Finally, when the preop nurse was helping me get gowned up and prepped, she went over the covid questions (among many other types of questions). In passing she said I see you are vaccinated. I let that lie for a moment and then I said I had never indicated anything to anyone regarding that question. She asked me if I was and I said I am not answering that question. We moved on, but while I was waiting for the prior surgery to finish she came over to me and we started talking about covid and masks. She was fairly candid (or at least was when no other staff was about). I was surprised at this. I wonder if that October 1st compliance data is a deal breaker for her? Another patient soon came in and she had to attend to her. Poor young woman had a full blown panic attack and soon required several staff to help her. Then it was time for me to get cut, but that was the tableau as I left.

Overall, I was pleased with my care yesterday. I am really looking forward to recovery: feeling strong again, being able to move freely and exercising again. It is like I have been a donut for the last several weeks, Strong up top, strong on the bottom, and a big hole in the middle with little strength. I had to attend to my mood at times with all the sitting about, and I think I did a good job with that. I have 4-6 weeks of recovery and hopefully by mid September I can be fully back in the game again. Looking very much forward to it. Cheers.

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September 07, 2021
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December 01, 2022
December 1st. Eve of Our First Year Anniversary

"And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town."
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"And wherever they do not receive you, when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against them.”
~ Luke 9:5

November 15, 2022
A Bear Over There

I had an opportunity to go for my usual neighborhood walk this morning. It hasn't been possible recently as early November brought the first snow (a few inches), sideways rain, wind (sustained 50+mph for a week) and ice. We have had a warm spell the last few days (mid 40s) so most of the ice is gone. (As an aside Deadman's Curve en route to the town of Kodiak has a whole new meaning when the roads are icy.) Anyways, so my walk this morning. Dressed in two layers, with my walking umbrella (more on that later) and my crampons (or ice cleats as they are called here) I was off. When I tried to walk up the ridge a few days ago I kept sliding down the road, but today traction was good. I walked past a neighbor on my way and his dog. We chatted briefly about the weather and I petted his dog. (Good doggo.) The trail was not too flooded or ice choked and I carefully picked my way along until I gained a little elevation and then it was fine. I watched the many bald and golden eagles as they hunted or ...

post photo preview
October 10, 2022
First Snow, ect.

pic 1 - First snow of the season around Center Mountain. Taken at the fairgrounds.

pic 2 - Getting gravel for the upcoming ice under a landslide of Old Womans Mountain.

pic 3 - Cope Mountain late fall. Taken on a walk in our neighborhood.

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